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Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia: A Beastly Long Word

July 31, 2020

Here is today's vocabulary word:  hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia, which means fear of the number 666.  

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"Exiting" Bible Stories

July 19, 2020

I noticed that a local church is advertising a youth activity for tonight that features "exiting Bible stories." 

The announcement reminded me of the most famous of the "exiting" stories, the Exodus.  Of course, the Bible is full of Exodus stories---Abraham and Sarah being expelled from Egypt, Lot escaping Sodom, Jacob and his family leaving Laban.... The Exodus is a pretty big theme in the Bible.  So the storytellers will have a lot of exiting material to choose from.

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House Signs of Oxford 48: Loud Sign on a Quiet Street

June 14, 2020

On a quiet afternoon in Oxford, I went roman around town.  While walking one can notice a lot more details than are visible from an arial view.  On South College Avenue I noticed a sign I hadn't seen before.  It read:  Raising Helvetica

Oxford is almost deserted right now, so very little "Helvetica" is being raised.  But the sign gave a reminder that the students will return eventually and Oxford will come back to life as a font of knowledge.


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An Additional Blog

May 17, 2020

During the CoVID lockdown, I have launched an additional blog.   It keeps track of the weekly teachings at Church of the Messiah, where we have been experimenting with a lectionary that goes through the Pentateuch, with related readings from the prophets, psalms, and New Testament, twice every seven years.    

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March 2020 Oxford Library Sale

March 6, 2020

Today we stopped by the public library for a book sale.  There was not as much available this time as at there was at the bigger sale at the end of the summer.  I picked up three hardbacks and a paperback for $3.50. including 

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Another Christian Time Travel Novel

January 22, 2020

Back in Dec 2013, I posted some comments on a subgenre that might be called "Christian time travel fiction".  At that point I had read 3 books in which someone travels back in time to first-century Palestine.  

Recently I read a fourth one, The Resurrection Wager by Christopher Coates.  In this short novel, a research institute in Boston develops time travel technology and decides to test it out by sending a team back to document the events surrounding the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.  In the process, they find out firsthand the potential of time travel to alter history.  

I enjoyed the book, although the writing was pretty clumsy.  (I gave it 3 stars at Amazon.)

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Catching up with Reports on the Yamauchi Lectures

January 13, 2020

One of things I do at the Grace & Knowledge website is post reports on each of the annual Yamauchi Lectures at Miami University.  The series started in 2006.  Today I finally posted a report on NASA astronomer Jennifer Wiseman's 2019 lecture

The next lecture is coming up in early March.  The speaker will be Wheaton College archaeologist Daniel Master, who was one of the directors of a long-running dig at Ashkelon.  I am looking forward to this one, as usual.

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2019 Oxford Library Sale

September 6, 2019

This year the public library in Oxford held its used book sale a month later than usual.  But as usual, there were lots of good bargains with hardback books at a dollar apiece and paperbacks at 50 cents.  I spent $9 this year on five hardbacks and eight paperbacks, including

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Azazel Pigs?

August 13, 2019

I recently read a paper on the possible symbolism of the Gerasene exorcism, where Jesus sent a legion of demons into a herd of pigs.  There turn out to be interesting connections between the Gospel accounts of this event and the Day of Atonement ceremony from Lev 16 where the sins of Israel were symbolically placed on a goat, which was then released into the wilderness.  In both the exorcism and the ceremony, there's some symbolism of the judgment of evil supernatural powers.  I have posted a short article on the subject.  

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Unfinished Business

June 18, 2019

One thing that I do in Grace & Knowledge is report on significant lectures given at Miami University.  This task can be a challenge for lectures that include lots of technical detail.  

For example, in 2007 Richard Hess of Denver Seminary gave an important lecture showing that the archaeological evidence we have of ancient Israel's religious beliefs and practices is consistent with what we read in the Bible's historical books.  There was so much detail in Hess's lecture that for years I wasn't able to put together a summary.  

Then in 2018, I discovered that Hess had given the same lecture at BYU in 2009, and that lecture was recorded and made available on You Tube.  With help from that recording, I have been able to finally post a summary of the lecture.  

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