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Yamauchi Lectures at Miami University


The Edwin A. Yamauchi Lecture Series was created to honor Dr. Edwin A. Yamauchi upon his retirement from Miami University in May of 2005.  Dr. Yamauchi’s academic life has been committed to scholarship and to the training of Christian scholars.  These annual lectures, generally held on a Saturday night in March, continue his emphases of high-quality scholarship and Christian witness at Miami University and in the Oxford, Ohio, community. 


This page contains links to reports on the Yamauchi lectures and on some sermons and Bible studies conducted by the Yamauchi lecturers at Oxford Bible Fellowship.


Darrell Bock lecture (2006)

Richard Hess lecture and Bible study (2007)

Craig Evans lecture (2008)

Walter Kaiser lecture (2009)

Mark Noll lecture and sermon (2010)

Donald Carson lecture (2011)

Paul Maier lecture and sermon (2012)

William Lane Craig lecture and sermon (2013)

Marvin Wilson lecture and sermon (2014)

Daniel Wallace lecture and sermon (2015)

Santa Ono lecture (2016)

James Hoffmeier lecture and sermon (2017)

Ben Witherington lecture and sermon (2018)

Jennifer Wiseman lecture (2019)

Daniel Master lecture and sermon (2020)

Philip Jenkins lecture (2022)

Craig Blomberg lecture and sermon (2023)



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