Articles about the Pentateuch


The Joy of Christian Torah Study

Déjà vu All Over Again:  Learning from Recurring Themes in the Pentateuch

Back to the Future:  The Narrative Typology of the Pentateuch

Echoes of the Exodus throughout the Bible



Book Review:  Plugging the Gaps in the Gap Theory?

The Seven Days of Revelation Theory

The Gospel in Genesis

Cain and his Family:  A Survey of the Scriptural and Legendary Traditions

The Generations of Adam:  An Examination of Conflicting Biblical Chronologies

Watch Your Antecedents!

Abram and the Great Commission

Law and Order in Genesis:  The Trial of Sodom and Gomorrah

On Being Compared to Sodom

A Bride for Isaac, A Bride for the Messiah

The Law of God in the Book of Genesis

Tamar’s Courage

Serah and her Sisters

James and the Trials of Abraham

Beyond “Measure for Measure”

Joseph as a Type of Jesus in Luke/Acts

Reflections on Reuben

The Lion of Judah



Heroines of the Exodus

Choosing Life

The Message of the Exodus

Evidence for the Exodus

Plundering the Egyptians

The Song of Moses and the Song of the Lamb

The Land Sabbath in Modern Israel

The Real Ark Mystery

Grace upon Grace:  The True Meaning of John 1:17

Watch Your Antecedents!  Part Two:  Can Ambiguity Suggest Mutuality?

Seeing God



Kindness and Severity

Questions about Ceremonial Uncleanness

Divine Dermatology

The Two Goats of Leviticus 16:  A Study in Typology

Applying the Law of God:  The Teaching of James

Torah-Based Conflict Resolution:  The Jewish Roots of Matthew 18:15-17

“To Announce a Year of Grace from the Eternal”:  Some Thoughts on the Year of Jubilee



Children of Eldad and Medad

The Meaning(s) of James 4:5

The Meanings of Moses’ Meekness

Hallowing God’s Name:  Balaam and Beyond

Hallowing God’s Name:  The Example of Moses



Putting the Conquest of Canaan in Context

Bridging the Gap

Kingship in Israel:  An Accommodation or God’s Intention?

Applying Deuteronomy in Corinth

Paul’s Use of Deut 25:4 in 1 Cor 9

Treasures Old and New in Deuteronomy 32


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