Forgetting Matthew 7:2

"Did you see what happened to New Orleans?"


"The looting, the rapes, and the snipers .... Maybe God sent Katrina to wash that city clean!"


"I was wondering that myself-the Mardi Gras, the drugs, the prostitution, the crime and the demons .... "


"Did you see that tornado hit that trailer park?"


"Are you kidding? It just missed my house. I know we had God's protection that night!"


"So sad what happened to that trailer park though-so many children injured and homes destroyed."


"Makes you wonder, though, doesn't it? You know what kinds of places trailer parks are: everybody on welfare, all those unwed mothers and the drugs and the crime. Maybe God just got sick of it."


"Did you hear about what happened to Tom?"


"He's been out of work so long that I can't remember when he last had a job."


"Well he has cancer now."


"Cancer? How is he dealing with that?"


"Not too well. The chemo is taking a lot out of him, and he has no insurance-well, just Julie's insurance-and that is barely covering the bills at this point. Nothing seems to be going right for him."


"He shouldn't be relying on those doctors for healing. He should have more faith and trust God, and then things would go better."


"Well I just wonder why he can't get a job. What is going on in his life that God hasn't blessed him in so long? Perhaps there are things he should repent of."


"Oh I don't know about that. I wouldn't want to judge. Still, it does seem that he is living Job's life, and you know Job was self righteous."


"Jessie, what's going on with you these days?"


"I don't know, I just feel so down. A black cloud over my head or something ... I just can't shake it off."


"Well, you know how the enemy is. You must be doing something right if he is attacking you. Why don't you just pray about it?"


"I am having a hard time praying. It feels like my prayers go no further than the ceiling, like God is not listening to me any more. I just feel like I can't break through ..."


"I know what you mean. I have the same problem."


(Note from Sherry Ward: The people in this fictitious-but strangely familiar-sounding-conversation seem to have forgotten something. Check Luke 13:1-5 and Matthew 7:1-2.)


Issue 19


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