Encouraging Words from our Readers

Editor's Note: So far, the readership of Grace and Knowledge is a small but widespread group. Less than one hundred copies of each issue are in circulation, but we regularly distribute copies, by either regular mail or electronic mail, to readers in at least fourteen of the United States, three Canadian provinces, Western Australia, and South Africa. A number of you have sent us words of encouragement, which we deeply appreciate. Here we would like to share with you a few excerpts from some of the letters we have received.

You've been giving me a copy of your magazine for awhile now but I've never taken the time to tell you how much I appreciate it. Now's the time! With all you have going on in your lives, I'm amazed and extremely grateful that you take the time to do what you do. Your (and the other contributors') views are so well-researched and non-critical. It's refreshing! Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Thank you for devoting your time. And most importantly, thank you for allowing God to guide you.

-C.K., Ohio

So nice to get home from the Feast and have a copy of Grace and Knowledge . Thanks so much for all the research you used to put this journal together. ... I really enjoy the way you weave what we believed before and what we believe now.

-K.B., South Carolina

Just finished reading Grace and Knowledge number 4. The information you included on Romans 10:4 was really good. I am strong in what I believe about those passages and what Paul was saying. Dr. Badenas' dissertation gives me a very effective way to explain why I believe what I do. And I liked your summary at the end (no pun intended), especially, ``to interpret `telos' as `termination' in Romans 10:4, one must read the book of Romans through the lenses of a theology that is imposed upon the text, not derived from it.'' That is a profound idea.

Also ... I really enjoyed ``Is it Soup Yet?'' The spiritual parallel was great. Reminds me of some of the Jewish symbols that are used in the Passover Seder. Now whenever I prepare a turkey I will ``think on those things'' Sherry addressed. Shalom.

-S. B., Arizona

I remember Jared from my early wcgnet days and I always enjoyed his viewpoint (which wasn't too far from my own).... I also think Sherry is a talented writer and enjoy her insights from the perspective of valuing the Biblical things that we did from our old understanding. Obviously, not everything was bad. I am glad to see that you ... are still active in WCG. So many have left and are doing nothing. I think the future of WCG will be in the local congregations and those who build those congregations will see fruits, I believe. Keep on keeping on, my bro!

-B.T., British Columbia


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