In late 2014 I was asked by the Center for Judaic-Christian Studies, a Christian teaching ministry in Dayton, Ohio, to write articles for the Center's monthly newsletter. The articles were to be short (about a dozen paragraphs) and would make a connection between the Pentateuch (specifically, the Torah readings for that month according to the traditional Jewish schedule) and the New Testament. Since the Center is dedicated to promoting a deeper understanding of Jesus and his teachings through attention to the first-century Jewish context of the New Testament, these articles were to be written with that goal in mind.


I have been a supporter of the Center since 1998, and I have benefitted greatly from the teaching materials and events it sponsors, including messages delivered by Dwight A. Pryor, the Center's founder; lectures given in Dayton by visiting speakers; and Marvin Wilson's excellent book Our Father Abraham: Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith. A dozen or more articles in Grace & Knowledge have been based on these resources. Consequently, I was thrilled to be asked to contribute some articles of my own.


My first article for the Center ("Abram and the Great Commission") appeared in its November 2014 newsletter. There are some months when I will adapt an article from the Grace & Knowledge archives for the Center (e.g., "The Meanings of Moses' Meekness" from Issue 17); but most months I produce something new, in which case I also add the new material to Grace & Knowledge. My first three articles for the Center are part of Issue 29.


The current issue of Grace & Knowledge includes ten of these short articles. Three of them deal with passages in Genesis, three with Exodus, two with Leviticus, one with Numbers, and one with Deuteronomy. Corresponding New Testament passages, include, for example:

Jesus' teaching on loving our enemies in Matt 5:43-44;

Jesus' teaching on the Temple tax in Matt 17:24-27;

Peter's question on how many times to forgive an offending brother in Matt 18:21-22;

"Hallowed be thy name" in the Lord's Prayer (Matt 6:11; Luke 11:2);

Matthew 1:1, the opening verse in the New Testament;

Jesus' exchange with Philip and Nathanael in John 1:43-51;

Paul's exhortation in 1 Cor 6:12-20.

I hope that this issue of Grace & Knowledge will promote a deeper understanding of both the Torah and the Gospels, along with a fuller appreciation for the unity of Scripture.


Issue 30




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