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Articles about the Gospels

Who Wrote the Four Canonical Gospels?

Jean Carmignac and the Synoptic Problem

“Not this Man, but Barabbas!  The Search for the Historical Barabbas

Choosing Life

The Temptations and the Tabernacle


Gospel of Matthew

“Record this Man as Childless”:  The Curse of Jeconiah and the Genealogy of Christ

The Curse of Jeconiah Revisited

Fulfillment of Scripture in Matthew 2:13-18

Who Taught “Hate your Enemy,” and Why?

“For Where Your Treasure Is…”

On Being Compared to Sodom

What Will the “End Time Elijah” Restore?

“And the Second is Like unto It”:  The Relationship of the Two Great Commandments

Loaves, Fishes and First-Century Etiquette

Jesus and the Temple Tax

Torah-Based Conflict Resolution:  The Jewish Roots of Matthew 18:15-17

Which Zechariah is the Martyr of Matthew 23:35?

“This Generation Shall Not Pass Away”:  What Did Jesus Mean?

Goats in Matthew 25 and Leviticus 16

Interpreting the Torn Temple Curtain

Abram and the Great Commission


Gospel of Mark

Lord of Wind and Waves (Mark 4:35-41)

Yom Kippur and the Gerasene Exorcism

Intertextuality and the Deity of Jesus

Loaves, Fishes, and a New Exodus

The Two-Stage Healing in Mark 8:22-26

Salted with Fire

Answering the Rich Young Man:  What Did Jesus Mean in Mark 10:18?

Desire and the Rich Young Ruler

Scriptural Allusions in the Parable of the Tenants

William Lane Craig on the Triumphal Entry

Lessons from the “Sudden Ending” of Mark’s Gospel


Gospel of Luke

Anna the Prophetess and the Hope of All Israel

What Child is This?

The Second Cainan

Explaining Differences in the Genealogies of Jesus

Jesus, Son of Adam, Son of God

Jesus’ Nazareth Synagogue Sermon

Considering the Cliffhanger of Luke 4:30

Identifying the “Garments” and “Wineskins” in Luke 5:36-39

Joanna:  Dedicated Disciple, Possible Apostle

Love and the Good Samaritan

Jesus the Master Teacher

Understanding the Parable of the Unjust Steward

Joseph as a Type of Jesus in Luke/Acts

The Twelve Apostles as Kings






The Woman Caught in Adultery:  Did Jesus Disregard the Torah?

Hanukkah and the Identity of Jesus

Footwashing in Early Christianity

Pilate the Accidental Prophet

Day of Atonement Connections in John 19-20


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